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Agreement for Maintenance Services

“Service contracts used to be a nightmare, and now it`s so simple that we`ve more than doubled our agreements!” Hunter says. You also want your team to identify ideal ways to present your company`s club membership or maintenance contract. Not all home visits offer the opportunity to sell a service contract, but technicians should be aware of situations in which they appeal to owners and make financial sense for the business. Who can use this IT support and maintenance contract? If you have a company that provides IT services to your customers, you should use this IT support and maintenance contract, what is this IT support and. Maintenance contracts help stabilize sales during these off-peak periods and grow your customer base. By scheduling routine maintenance and reviewing existing customers, you can maintain a flow of billable preventive services even if homeowners don`t call you for an urgent issue. This maintenance contract is a simple agreement under which a contractor provides maintenance services to a customer. For HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other contractors performing routine repairs and maintenance, an annual or monthly maintenance contract guarantees future billable work in a market that is difficult to predict and highly competitive. It`s also a way to set aside more time in a customer`s home, build brand loyalty, and give owners reduced or exclusive access to your services. Exercise due diligence. Maintenance contracts should not be extended for owners until your team has received detailed information about their equipment and assets.

If your company installs new devices, be sure to attach a device-based contract to that particular device and record the serial number in your digital records. Define the maintenance services to be performed at the beginning of the contract. Go into detail in this section and list as wide a range of services as possible. For example, if the contract is for facility maintenance, indicate that the services include painting, plumbing, electrical work, fitting installation, and minor elevator problem solving. If a contractual dispute arises about a particular type of service that is not specified in the contract, you may find the contract less useful in court. Consider reviewing and revising this part of the contract before renewing it to ensure that the contract covers all the tasks performed. There are a number of services for which you want to create a maintenance contract, e.B.: Does your home services company use service contracts correctly? Could your field technicians sell more? Does your team know how to successfully present memberships and contracts to customers? Scope. These will be specific to the contract. Our service plan includes indicative language for routine services, emergency calls and non-routine services. It is important that both parties know what is covered by the standard fees and what can be treated as extras. In addition, the Company may wish to exclude certain activities, such as. B the treatment of errors caused by misuse or malfunction of the equipment by the Customer, unless it feels able to manage them and the Customer pays for the work.

Add provisions for termination of the contract. For example, you may decide to include a clause stating that the contract is automatically considered null and void if one of the parties is found guilty of fraud or other specific criminal acts. As another example, you may specify that any breach of the contractual agreement by one party may result in termination of the agreement without liability on the part of the other party if the other party notifies the offending party in writing of its intention to terminate the relationship. You may, from time to time, request [the maintenance company] to provide other services that are not included in the service plan for the equipment described in a particular equipment plan or for which no equipment plan has been completed. [Maintenance Company] will use reasonable efforts to provide such service at 90% of its then current and standard hourly rates. For the costs listed below, [the maintenance company] will periodically inspect the equipment listed in this equipment schedule and keep it in good working order. Equipment inspection and maintenance varies by type of equipment and is specified in the equipment plan. To optimize communication, companies can grant maintenance companies limited access to limble software. Work orders can be sent directly to the supplier via our software (you can find out how this works in practice here). The supplier receives the WO and the attached work instructions, performs the work, enters the time and spare parts spent and closes the work order. Whether you want to revise your current service contracts or introduce home maintenance contracts for your customers for the first time, keep these specific principles in mind to make sure these offerings benefit both you and your customers: every company has its own reasons for hiring maintenance companies. .

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